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Traditional Full Body Massage

A Relaxing Approach to Body Wellness

Full Body Massage in Bali

Discover the rejuvenating power of traditional Balinese full-body massage in your villa/home or at Spa Bali Moon, for one hour or more, surrender to a harmonious blend of ancient techniques with modern relaxation, allowing our skilled therapists to guide your body and spirit to a realm of serene relaxation.

Balinese Body Massage

110K - 1 Hour

170K - 1.5 Hours

250K - 2 Hours

Unwind with a full Balinese body massage, blending deep tissue and gentle stretches to rejuvenate your body and well-being.

Shiatsu or Thai Body Massage

200K - 1 Hour

300K - 1.5 Hours

Surrender through our Shiatsu or Thai Massage, seamlessly combining acupressure and stretching techniques to restore balance and vitality.

Four Hands Full Body Massage

240K - 1 Hour

360K - 1.5 Hours

500K - 2 Hours

Indulge in our Four Hands Massage, a harmonious experience where two therapists work in unison, providing a unique and profoundly relaxing treatment. For more packages, please contact us directly via WhatsApp.

A Perfect Balance of Technique and Art

Indulge in the time-honored practices of the Balinese massage, where every touch is a blend of firm and gentle strokes, designed to release tension and elevate your spirit. Experience the art of relaxation as you drift into tranquil repose.

Deep Relaxation with Hours of Enhanced Body Wellness

Our extended sessions ensure a complete and transformative experience. This dedicated time allows our therapists to soothe your body as per request, maximizing the therapeutic benefits and ensuring a comprehensive path to rejuvenation.

Personalized Balinese Massage Experiences

At Spa Bali Moon, every Balinese full-body massage can be personalized. We carefully tailor each session to resonate with your unique wellness needs, promising a journey that cherishes your individuality and leads to a well-executed service.

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Preview our valued massage services with our massage menu. Embark on an authentic relaxing journey whether alone, with a partner, at your home, or in Spa Bali moon.

Spa Bali Moon - Where Tradition is Used in Modern times

Positioned in Bali's tranquil heart, Spa Bali Moon is your go-to destination for authentic Balinese massage experiences. We warmly welcome you to be our guest on this restorative journey, uniting body and spirit in an array of relaxation and health.