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Balinese Hot Stone Massage in Seminyak

De-stress with Heated Hot Stone Bliss

Bali's Traditional Hot Stone Massage

In the authentic ambiance of your home or our spa, Spa Bali Moon hot stone massage stands as an ancient practice of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a cultural Balinese experience that melds traditional techniques with modern spa thinking

Hot Stone Massage

175K - 1 Hour

305K - 2 Hours

Experience the warmth and relaxation of our Hot Stone Massage. For home service, reach us on WhatsApp our drop into the spa.

Harnessing Nature’s Warm Embrace for Relaxation

Experience the transformative power of our hot stone massage, where the warmth of volcanic stones effortlessly eases tension and aligns your well-being. Close your eyes and enter into a relaxation, cocooned in an atmosphere of warmth and luxury.

A Time-Honored Tradition Meets Contemporary Care

Participate in a Balinese massage that has stood the test of time, this ancient art is reimagined, combining age-old techniques with contemporary insights. Feel physical stresses melt away as the energy-rich hot stones work their magic, bringing forth an unparalleled dream state.

A Journey to Harmonious Relaxation

As our skilled therapists employ authentic Balinese massage techniques, amplified by the energy of volcanic stones, explore on a journey where your body and soul find a harmonious balance, enveloped in an ambiance of tranquility and perfection.

Wellness Experiences Just for You

Your wellness journey at Spa Bali Moon is as unique as you. Our Balinese Hot Stone Massage, while deeply ingrained in tradition, is to resonate with your personal wellness, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience.

Explore Our Spa Services Online

Begin your serene journey even before you visit us. Navigate our spa treatment menu prices, where a range of exceptional massage experiences awaits, offering a glimpse into the spa care you can expect from Bali.

Your Ideal Thearapy in Seminyak And Beyond

Positioned amidst Seminyak’s vibrancy, Spa Bali Moon is your sanctuary for traditional Balinese massages We welcome you to delve into an experience where each volcanic stone and every skilled touch from our therapists guides you to ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Experience the very best of Balinese Hot Stone Massage at Spa Bali Moon – where tradition meets modern times