Balinese Massage & Wellness

Experience quality relaxation, where every touch is applied in tradition. Situated in Seminyak, Bali, our spa is more than a place for wellness - it's where traditional massages and modern techniques combine, providing authentic and well-crafted sessions for all visitors.

Bali's Genuine Massage Experience

Awaits in Your Home or at Spa Bali Moon

Explore Spa Bali Moon's massage and personal spa services with the touch of traditional techniques you can also explore an array of international therapies. Whether you're drawn to the relieving feeling of a deep tissue massage or an exotic Thai massage, we ensure a Quality experience that symbolizes the true essence of your massage or spa treatment.


Traditional Massage & Spa Treatments

Immerse yourself in spa therapy, crafted to suit your needs, our massages fuse Balinese healing practices with modern techniques, ensuring a relaxing experience is achieved. We stand committed to providing quality massage therapies in a traditional Balinese style.

Over 10 Years of Bali Massage Expertise

Delight in a diverse range of treatments that draws its traditions from the spirit of Bali. From the soothing embrace of hot stone massages and refreshing facials to exfoliating body scrubs, Spa Bali Moon welcomes you to experience the very best of traditional service and hospitality.

Book a Home Service Massage in Bali

Enjoy your spa experience in the comfort of your home. For an additional IDR 70K per person (around the Seminyak area), have our therapist come to you. We offer a broad range of Home services that promise a relaxing and peaceful session.

Browse Our Treatments Online

Discover more about our spa and massage services by exploring the website. Whether you want to explore our group packages or individual treatments, let our massage price list be your guide to an affordable spa service.