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Traditional Massage and Spa in Seminyak, Bali.
We only use olive oil

Balinese Massage with Home Service

Traditional Balinese
Massage Est. 2010 in Seminyak 

Spa Bali Moon welcomes you to receive high-quality traditional massage services, with various spa therapies, Spa Bali Moon additionally, provides outcall/home service in the hands of our experienced and dedicated therapists to the art of the famous Balinese Body Massage.
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Within the consistent quality of our massage therapies, our home or in-spa service gives you a chance to relax your body and mind with absolute convenience. You can browse various treatments offered on the pricelist page with speedy replies to inquiries. Spa Bali Moon offers therapists trained in the art of traditional Balinese body massage and therapeutic spa services. Enjoy affordable prices and treat yourself, friends, or family to traditional relaxation. Small to large bookings available.

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Our Client Say

"My partner and I enjoyed our massages and the staff were very friendly. Mine was quite firm and he says his could have been harder. Next time we will swap therapists!"
"Ayu & Dewi were great! What a relaxing moment. The traditional massage was suggested because it's a little more intenser than the Balinese massage 105K. Perfect choice! Really enjoyed it. We ended with a pedicure 75K."
"Love it body massage"
"We booked massage for 120 minutes there for two people as we were dead tired.It is better to book an appointment and then visit as it usually booked.The massage was wonderful.The staff and our therapists were awesome. We felt really relaxed after the massage. The Price that they offered service was really worth. We booked two aromatherapy for 120 minutes at IDR 380,000/- ."


Yuriy Savchenko

Great massage!

Алексей Россошанский


Ketut Widiana

It was great. Thank you so much. Mask For hair + neck massage + massage 60 min + body scrub 270 k. Wonderfulxxxxxx

Linda Grine

Spa Balimoon, nice place, very professional massage

Komang Eka

I was massaged by a man who did his job very well, it was the first time that a man had massaged me but it was very well done, my wife was massaged by a woman, she was on her phone not at all concentrate

Arnold Tayeye

115,000 rupees for 1 hour of foot massage. It seemed a little weak, so I asked for it to be louder, and it was just right. I wondered if I should give a tip, but they didn’t even bother paying me and didn’t say I had to give it or not, so I just paid for the massage and left. The massage was also satisfactory.

guanjo goo

Very good massage, nice staff

Надежда Селезнева

At the beginning of the month of holiday to Bali, and because I was tired going around Bali, I took the time to get a massage at the Bali Moon Spa and the massage was quite good, the price was quite fair, I also happened to get a beautiful therapist, so it’s okay to recommend

Jonathan Alexander

There is no luxury at all, it is dark and difficult to enter, but the price is reasonable. A 60-minute Balinese massage is IDR 110K (about 1,000 yen). I was satisfied with the technology.

I Rika

Good massage 👍


Love it body massage

Eny Harnani

Outcall Massage Service

Home Service is only an extra IDR 80k/Pax for Seminyak and Surrounding Areas.
For in spa bookings please reserve a time suitable for you (Seminyak area) 

Spa & Beauty Care

 Body Massage and Therapy

We constantly maintain to give our best services with a heart-warming atmosphere for our customers. We offer a broad range of beauty and wellness treatments in a peaceful environment, creating overall relaxation. Ranging from a relaxing Balinese full body massage to a strong Japanese Shiatsu massage, we provide a complete variety of massage services as well as varied great packages that will fulfill your needs. 

Couple Massage

Delivers intimacy and bonding through synchronized therapeutic sessions


Therapeutic Japanese massage using finger pressure on specific points to release tension.

Thai Massage

Stretching, acupressure improve posture, muscle flexibility effectively

Cream Bath

Renews hair and provides conditioning for enhanced shine and softness.


Quality Service with olive oil. Attention to Detail. Relaxation at its best.

Balinese Massage
Holistic deep-tissue therapy combining gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to enhance blood flow, oxygenation, and energy flow, inducing profound relaxation and well-being.

1 Hr120K
1.5 Hrs180K
2 Hrs260K
1 Hr Aloe Vera160K

Traditional Massage

A much stronger version of the Balinese Massage

30 Mins80K
1 Hr130K
1.5 Hrs180K
2 Hr260K

Shiatsu Massage

An oil free Japanese massage therapy technique that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to relieve tension and promote relaxation.

30 Mins100K
1 Hr210K
1.5 Hrs310K

Warm Stone Massage

Heated basalt stones are used to relax muscles and tissues. Stones are placed strategically on the body release heat, easing tension, and promoting circulation for pain relief.

1.5 Hr280K
2 Hrs400K

Head Massage

1 Hr120K
1.5 Hrs180K
2 Hrs260K

Thai Massage

Unlike traditional methods, the Thai massage omits oils and kneading, focusing on passive stretches and yoga poses guided by therapists. Combines deep tissue pressure with gentle adjustments for well-being.

30 Min120K
1 Hr230K
1.5 Hrs310K

Couple Massage

Enjoy Juel massages with your love. Below we have selected some pre-made packages ready to book. You can customize or request different packages and therapies.

1 Hour – Balinese Massage

2 Pax


1.5 Hour – Balinese Massage

2 Pax


2 Hours – Balinese Massage2 Pax


Save 12% on all couple’s warm candle drip massages.

1 .5 Hour – Warm Candle Drip

2 Pax


2 .5 Hour – Candle and Argan Facials

2 Pax


2.5 Hour – Candle – Reflexology and Pedicures

2 Pax


Four Hand Massage

An advanced massage therapy where two therapists work simultaneously using synchronized techniques with their hands, elbows, and forearms to provide a deeper and more intense massage experience.

1 Hr250K
1.5 Hr370K
2 Hrs510K

Herbal Massage

Thai-originated alternative therapy treats soft tissues, relieving stress, enhancing sleep, promoting well-being, boosting circulation, stimulating lymphatic system, and managing pain.

1 Hr200K
2 Hrs400K

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage utilizes essential oils diluted in carrier oils for relaxation and well-being. Applied through gentle strokes and pressure points, it eases stress and enhances circulation.

1 Hr120K
1.5 Hr180K
2 Hrs260K

Deep Tissue/Sport

1 Hr



1.5 Hrs




Cream Bath 
Hair Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner Head Massage: Start From 100K

Aloe Vera 
Hair Mask 


Body Scrub 
Body Massage, Scrub: Start From 160K Remove dead skin and toxins with Balinese Massage and Body Scrub:
















Green Tea



Spa Sari



Argan Facial

The argan oil facial nourishes skin deeply, promotes elasticity, and diminishes signs of aging, leaving a radiant complexion. We also cleanse your face with organic herbs, warm steam, and a choice of the rejuvenating masks:

Acerika & Red Clay

1 Hr



1 Hr



1 Hr



1 Hr



1 Hr



1 Hr



For Dry, Normal & Oily Face: Start From 120K All facial treatments come with beauty massage and mask you can choose one of the treatment products below.




Mustika Ratu



Sari Ayu





120 K

Manicure Pedicure
Extra Manicure & Pedicure + Colour: Start From 95K




Manicure & Colour






Pedicure & Colour



Gel Nail




Olive Oil Hot Wax: Start from 75K




Under Arms





Start from 125K

Half Legs



Full Legs




Body Scrub

Exfoliates to leave dead skin, revealing radiant and refreshed skin.


Pampers nails, leaving them beautifully groomed and polished.

Hot Stone

Relaxes muscles by combining heat therapy for soothing relief

Facial Care

Nourishes skin, fostering a fresh, youthful radiant skin glow.

Affordable Spa Packages

Package 1

IDR 400K

  • 2.5 Hours
  • Balinese Massage
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Facial

Package 2

IDR 310K

  • 2 Hours
  • Balinese Massage
  • Body Scrub
  • Facial

Package 3

IDR 340K

  • 2 Hours
  • Balinese Massage
  • Creambath
  • Facial

Package 4

IDR 310K

  • 2 Hours
  • Balinese Massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

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All Spa Packages are Available For In-Spa & Home Service

Choose directly from our price list page or contact or friendly spa to create your customised package.
All spa packages are interchangeable and are also available for home service massage and treatments.
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