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Couples Massage Bali Seminyak

Connect & Relax Together with Home Service Couples Spa

A Genuine Home Service Couples Spa

Perfect your honeymoon journey with your loved one by booking from Spa Bali Moon, where we offer couple massage treatments for a moment of relaxation. Enjoy massages from our well trained therapists and discover the refreshing warmth in a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
Book a Couple Massage in Seminyak, Bali and Surrounding Areas
1 Hour – Balinese Massage 2 Pax 240K 1.5 Hour – Balinese Massage2 Pax 360K 2 Hours – Balinese Massage 2 Pax 520K
Save 12% on all couple's warm candle oil massages.
1 .5 Hour - Warm Candle Drip 2 Pax 466K 2 .5 Hour - Candle and Argan Facials 2 Pax 769K 2.5 Hour - Candle - Reflexology and Pedicures 2 Pax 798K
Couples can enjoy a Balinese massage with two therapists. Kindly be advised, that our outcall charges are 80k per therapist around the Seminyak area. For custom packages that include body scrub and facial, please reach out to us directly on WhatsApp.

Shared Moment in Relaxation with Your Loved One

Enhance your romantic journey with your partner through a series of couples massages from Spa Bali Moon. Enjoy our home service to achieve a combination of relaxation and quality time in your home/villa. Our therapists not only focus on body treatments but also pay attention to creating a valuable relaxation experience for you and your loved one.

Try Something New Together

Couples Massage can be a great way to build a connection with your partner, and to discover new things about them. If you’re looking for a way to try something new together, couples massages are the perfect solution. They allow you to explore new massage techniques, and to experience the benefits of massage therapy together.

Pre Made Packages for Couples Massage

Spa Bali Moon uses organic soy wax and shea butter fused with aromatic healing oils melted onto your body via warm candles. The warmth from the candles can help relax muscles, while the combination of shea butter and essential oils adds moisturizing and aromatic benefits to the skin.
We provide several packages for couples massage, please contact Spa Bali Moon for more info

Custom Packages

If you place an order for our services via WhatsApp, you can customize the treatment options we offer to suit your preferences. Contact us now and bring your dream treatment package to life.

A Blend of Relaxation and Connection

Harmonize your spirits with massages crafted for you and your partner. Feel the magic as our traditional therapists knead away stress, drawing you into a shared sphere of relaxation and intimacy, using soothing oils and ancient Balinese techniques.

Choose From a Variety of Home Spa Treatments

Kickstart your journey of shared serenity by exploring our low-cost massage menu. Get a preview of what awaits and understand our approach to couple's rejuvenation.

Quality & Affordable Treatments at Spa Bali Moon

At Spa Bali Moon, the Couple Spa Experience transcends mere treatments. It's a shared connection through relaxation and intimate moments. Contact our therapists today, experience one of Bali's top home-service couple spas, and make memories that echo a deep connection.