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Body Scrub in The Heart of Seminyak

Reveal Your Glow with Exfoliating Treatments

Authentic Body Scrub in Bali

Bath and bathe your way into a world of skin rejuvenation in your villa or in Spa Bali Moon. As our therapists scrub your body, anticipate a refreshing journey from dullness to radiant, velvety skin, all while relishing in your home atmosphere accompanied by our expert therapists.

Body Scrub Treatments

Chocolate - IDR 170 K

Coconut - IDR 170 K

Strawberry - IDR 170 K

Bengkoang - IDR 170 K

Jasmine - IDR 170 K

Green Tea - IDR 170 K

Spa Sari - IDR 160 K

Delight in our body scrub package, encompassing body massage, scrub, and a rejuvenating mask yoghurt treatment. For unique packages or to make a booking, connect with us on WhatsApp.


The Magic of Traditional Hands

Experience the absolute harmony of exfoliation with our carefully crafted body scrubs. At Spa Bali Moon, we treat your skin as a precious canvas, gently polishing away impurities to reveal a radiant complexion. Our scrubs are designed to not only cleanse but invigorate, leaving skin glowing and full of life.

The Secret to Radiant Skin

Our body scrubs combine the best of nature, utilizing ingredients known for their skin-renewing properties. Whether it's the energizing Balinese coffee or the moisturizing benefits of coconut, our scrubs offer a blend that ensures optimal skin health and a natural glow.


A Rejuvenating Escape from busy Seminyak

Beyond skincare, our treatments offer a relaxing experience. Engulfed in the soothing aromas of natural ingredients and the rhythmic motions of exfoliation, you'll find solace in our spa or in the confides of your home, providing a well-deserved break from the bustling streets of Seminyak.

Personal & Careful Body Scrub Treatments

Each session at Spa Bali Moon is as unique as your skin. We customize our body scrub treatments to your specific needs, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves while nurturing your inner peace.


Discover More of Spa Bali Moon Online

To learn more about our range of treatments and services, visit the spa price menu. Begin your health exploration and take a sneak peek into our world of traditional wellness and care.

Step into Radiance and Serenity

Located in vibrant Seminyak, Spa Bali Moon offers body scrub services from Balinese hands, creating radiant skin and inner tranquility. Let our body scrubs work their magic and indulge in a wellness experience that promises more than just skin-deep benefits.

Experience the Spa Bali Moon difference today – where every treatment is a step towards inner wellbeing.