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Nail Service in Seminyak

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Nails in Seminyak

Manicure Pedicure Treatments

Manicure - IDR 85K

Manicure & Colour - IDR 95K

Pedicure - IDR 95K

Pedicure & Colour - IDR 105K

Gel Nail - IDR 100K

Discover premium nail services in Seminyak, encompassing Manicure, Pedicure, and Gel Nail options with vibrant color choices. For group bookings or custom packages, reach out directly via WhatsApp.

Seminyak's Most Affordable Nail Art

Treat yourself in Seminyak with Spa Bali Moon's nail service, where our seasoned technicians utilize premium-quality products to craft beautiful nail art and maintenance. From quality manicures to innovative nail extensions, Spa Bali Moon unfurls a range of nail services, setting a high-quality affordable standard for nail care in Seminyak.

Amazing Custom Nail Designs to Reflect Your Style

Your nails are our canvas. With every deliberate stroke and carefully chosen hue, we paint amazing arts to your preference. At Spa Bali Moon, experience a manicure in Seminyak that reflects your essence.

Experience Spa Bali Moons Nail Care

With every step into Spa Bali Moon, you're promised an array of meticulous care. Each service, from the welcome to your farewell, is carefully applied to ensure a peerless experience, encapsulating the essence of professional and humble nail care in Seminyak.

Endulge Your Self with Nail Care in Seminyak

Discover the depth of our offerings with Spa Bali Moon. Traverse our diverse range, and when you're poised to redefine your nail aesthetics, our experts await, ready to usher you into the rejuvenating embrace of Spa Bali Moon.

In the locality of Seminyak, where vibrant culture meets trusting nail care, Spa Bali Moon rises as the affordable service of choice, ensuring each visit is well spent.