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Seminyak’s Best Hair Cream Bath

Pampering Your Hair with Nourishing Treatments

Natural Hair Creambath in Bali

Step into a realm where luxurious hair care meets serene relaxation. At Spa Bali Moon, located in bustling Seminyak, we elevate the traditional Hair Cream Bath Treatments, promising you a well deserved shine from the roots to the tips of your tresses.

Cream Bath Treatments

Ginseng - IDR 100K

Avocado - IDR 100K

Aloe Vera - IDR 100K

L'Oreal - IDR 110K

NR - IDR 110K

Hair Mask - IDR 110K

Indulge in a soothing creambath, complete with hair wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a revitalizing head massage. For bespoke packages or to receive home service, contact us via WhatsApp.


Rediscover the Essence of Hair Wellness in Bali

Bali’s age-old Hair Cream Bath ritual finds its modern rendition at Spa Bali Moon. We bring this cherished tradition to life, marrying ancestral techniques with contemporary care, ensuring your hair reflects health, vitality, and luster.

Personalized Care: Hair Cream Bath Treatments Just for You

Every individual has unique hair needs. Recognizing this, we provide an array of Hair Cream Bath treatments, enveloping your hair and scalp in a blend of nature's finest ingredients and therapeutic oils, applied to resonate with your hair's distinct narrative.


Best and Most Affordable Hair Spa in Seminyak

Move away from the energetic beats of Seminyak into our tranquil haven. Here, our Hair Cream Bath isn’t just a treatment; it’s a holistic experience, a retreat where the mind finds calm and the hair, nourishment.

Natural Ingredients for Luxurious Hair Pampering

Harnessing the power of nature, our treatments feature ingredients like avocado and aloe vera, known for their nourishing and hydrating properties. As your hair soaks in this goodness, anticipate a transformation that leaves it radiant and full of life.


Begin Your Hair Wellness Journey

Eager to learn more? Soothe your senses through our full-service menu. Browse through our offerings and treatments, and set the stage for your upcoming Hair Cream Bath experience at Spa Bali Moon.

End Your Visit with Radiant, Revitalized Hair

Situated in vibrant Seminyak, Spa Bali Moon offers a peaceful enclave for your hair wellness adventure. As you indulge in our renowned Hair Cream Bath Treatments, get ready to journey into a world of luxury, care, and unmatched serenity.

Let Spa Bali Moon be your chosen destination for hair wellness in Seminyak, where your hair's beauty and health shine through.